Product Description

Patrini Giacomo is specialised in the field of isolation and vibration control with bonded rubber to metal parts. Our products are always a reliable choice to make your job easier. Patrini Giacomo & C. Sas and Patrini Giacomo GmbH is a group focusing only on polymer technology. We are specialists in the knowledge of product and process and are always focused on custom made solutions. Whenever necessary we are in position to deviate from our standard program and offer tailor made parts to fulfil customer special requirements.
Your extensive requests for high quality and cost effective solution can be satisfied by our structure. Our development and engineering can offer a very good reputation and we are proud to work closely with you, our customer. So we can offer optimal construction and ideal products to help you in successfully placing your products on the market.
Our head office is located in a modern plant in Opera (Milan), Italy. Production takes place completely in our plant. Our production is ISO 9001:2008 certified, so 100% made in Italy.
In our headquarter we have Technical Department widely equipped with instruments for research and development.
Patrini Giacomo steadily works for improving and re-engineering the existing products. We have the right of modifying specification or re-engineering our products without previous notice or modification of documents.

Anti-vibration mounts of AS type are suitable for effective isolation of vibrations of motors, cabins for drivers, and other accessory unites. These parts can also be produced in stainless steel AISI (V4A).

BOC bushes consist of 2 tubes, both vulcanized. This allows to load them with heavy weights and get very good performances for vibration damping. The high precision mechanic machining operation carried out after moulding guarantees maximum dynamic properties and duration. The bush can stand all movements. No lubrication or other maintenance of the support is necessary.

Characteristic of BOC-I is the partial moulding. This allows them to guarantee good performances for load but also to stand high and ongoing torsion movements with very high torsion angles

BOC-FA bushes have a strong rubber profile. The internal tube is hexcentric in respect of the outer one as to allow load in one direction only. They are particularly recommended for cabin applications mainly when they can be tipped up.

Types T1-T7 have been designed for static applications. Our entry level components can offer a very good compromise between price and efficiency with best insulation values. Mainly suitable for static “standard” applications.

Types T-AS have been designed for dynamic applications. In case of normal speeds of about 1.600 rpm, our T-AS series reaches insulation rate of 74-85%. Thanks to a safety stop structure with elastic fitting, types T-AS are particularly suitable for application in mobile field. They are ideal when high resistance and safety have to be guaranteed.

Types T-N have been designed for dynamic applications. In case of normal speeds of about 1.600 r/min, our T-AS series reaches insulation rate of 74-85%. Thanks to a safety stop structure with elastic fitting, types T-N are particularly suitable for application in mobile field.

Types TW are all-rounder’s. W means „extra soft“ therefore better insulation values can be reached. In case of normal speeds of about 1.600 r/min, our W series can reach an insulation rate of 86-95%. Thanks to a safety stop structure, W types are particularly suitable for application in mobile field. Suitable for effective isolation of vibrations and noise in mobile and stationary applications. Mainly suitable for compressors, pumps, combustion engines, industrial and navy generators, air blowers and cooling unites.

Mainly suitable for small 3 cylinder diesel motors because of the special rubber compound. The engine movements are limited thanks to the special design. This guarantees effective isolation and vibration control at the same time.

The LA levelling unit is available in various sizes an can be fixed on the most standard mounts. Simple adjustment in different environments.
The LAD levelling unites are available in varius sizes and can be used when the mount has to be fine tuned in special applications. To reach the best result it is necessary to settle the mount for 24 hours before final adjusting. Mailny used in marine application

Type MOP is mainly suitable for isolation of low frequency vibrations on all planes. An excellent hit damping is reached thanks to its high deflection rates. It is mainly suitable for passive isolation of vibrations in electronic instruments, measurement instruments, test cells and accessories. Typical applications are compressors, cooling unites, ventilators, air blowers, pumps and vibration sieves.

Developed for application in motors of boats, industry, vehicles. Design is characterized by good construction form which needs only to be screwed. This support is characterized by combination between good static deflection at dynamic load and limitation of deflection. The allrounder is mainly suitable for static and mobile applications. Application fields are: pumps, compressors, generators, marine, industry and vehicle motors.

The MPG support was developed to absorb high dynamic shock loads. The specific design helps to limit movements in all axes and guarantees the requested safety. Developed for cabins and motor support in the field of mining and earth-moving.

P-Machine feet with height adjustment
When a machine foot type P is fit, it is not necessary to fix the machine to the ground because the machine foot provides good adhesion to the floor. The insulating rubber contour of machine feet P is resistant to oil and chemical agents. Our machine feet P with height adjustment are suitable for a number of free-standing tool machines, conveyors, etc.

Developed for applications in electronic fields, to support electrical cabinets, PLC, switchboards. MO supports are very easy to fit and provide solutions to vibrations caused by electronic components. They also provide full safety in case of shocks.

Conical bearings are mainly employed when huge yielding in axial direction with reduced yielding in radial direction are requested. Mounts are fit with washers in traction and compression to limit movements in case of load shocks. Our conical bearings are available in various types so that the wide spectrum of applications can be covered. Full rubber, with slots in X direction or in Y direction are available. Field of application are all mobile uses like off road vehicles, urban vehicles, vehicle cabins, compressors and UPS generators.

An heavy duty flexible mount, suitable for high traction possibility and absorbing capacity of movements in rotation and angle movements on all flats, without lubrication and metallic friction. Connection and brake rods for rails, street and off road vehicles and other applications that require heavy duty supports with compact dimensions belong to the typical applications of our type SNS.

Deflections up to 30mm are possible, therefore PGK is mainly suitable for applications in the field of low frequencies. Fitting is very easy, the normally requested anchorage of machines or support can be avoided. Type PGK is suitable for insulation of heavy machines in the field of disturbance frequency. Typical applications are paper industries, mixers, drives and industrial ventilators.

The special S-8524 mount was created to achieve a better performance, with the advantage that the customer can decide which stiffness he want to have in longitudinal / lateral direction. With the insert bush you can change the characteristic of different mounting points in engine or cab applications. Another advantage is the big rubber volume which guaranties a good vibration control. Due to the special design the engineering & purchasing departments can reach a lot of savings, because only the insert bush change. Typical applications are engine and cab suspension.

Special mount for carbines and hanging objects. The new Patrini mount suspends hanging loads of up to 285 kilos. With the new Patrini S-8560 mount for the suspension of hanging objects and carbines, Patrini is able to offer the Market a long life product in a compact design. The new mount carries loads of between 140 and 285 kilos. The application possibilities are varied. Sound studio, theatre for instance, can be suspended with one of the new S-8560 mounts and made perfectly environment for the daily business. Heavy pipes are still another application area. Suspending these with our S-8560 mounts buildings and ships can be free of borne noise. Although for cabs, where big suspension and shock load are required to reach a good performance.

The SUP was developed to take dynamic shock loads. The special design helps to limit the movements in longitudinal and lateral direction and deliver the expect safety. Thanks to the big rubber volume the comfort is guaranteed.

A-B-C-D-E-AK Antivibranti cilindrici
A complementary selection of cylindrical mounts for a number of applications. Bobbins can be used in load or shear application. Mainly used for small fitting areas and light applications.

Bobbins were developed to protect structures, machines and appliances from shocks. They are mounted normally as non metal bearings or fit in vehicle suspensions, to guarantee progressive stiffness at a certain load. Typical field of application are tip trucks, off road vehicles, cranes, mechanical handling devices and vehicle suspensions.


  1. 23/01/2015
    2015: 50 year activity. Patrini Giacomo has celebrated this important goal by printing a new catalogue.
  2. 04/11/2014
    We are now certified according to ISO 14.001:2004 for environment
  3. 09/04/2014
    We have enlarged the TW family by including the new T64W: more compact but efficient like the other bigger parts.
  4. 30/01/2014
    TAB: because of the special rubber compound and thanks to the special design this family of parts guarantees effective isolation and vibration control at the same time.
  5. 01/10/2013
    We now have also MPG line available: ideal to absorb high dynamic shock loads. The specific design helps to limit movements in all axes and guarantees the requested safety.