Patrini Logo

1965 - Company Patrini was founded as partner of Pirelli Sistemi Antivibranti group and particularly of SAGA, that part of Pirelli group that used to design innovating metal rubber antivibration mounts. Patrini production was prototypes both for vulcanization moulds and for metal components of antivibration mounts.

1980 - Pirelli asked Patrini to be sole producer for the complete range of catalogue parts for cylindrical antivibration mounts.

1994 - Patrini decided to approach the international market as manufacturer of antivibration mounts and closed its relationship as sole producer for Pirelli.

1998 - Patrini got ISO 9002 quality certification. In the same period the production surface in the shop floor was doubled and a new production area for mould production was added.

2001 - Quality certification was raised from ISO 9002 to ISO 9001-vision 2000 as requested by the markets approached by Patrini. Also engineering and development of antivibration mounts had to be included in the certification process.

2007 - The partner production relationship with Freudenberg-Simrit Group became official. International importance of this customer gave Patrini possibility of growing by enlarging production range and improving quality level. Important step was also move of complete plant to new wider premises, present headquarter.

2010 – Patrini signed an official partner production contract with another historical customer: Angst+Pfister. Together with this customer the promising market of alternative energies has been approached. Patrini started production of custom made antivibration mounts to be fit in the generator section of windpower turbines.

2011 – The official contract of partnership was signed with Trelleborg IAVS, another steady customer of Patrini. Procedures for taking over of an approved supplier for production of metals by shearing and deep drawing are started.

2013 – Patrinig Giacomo GmbH is founded with seat in Germany, to better and directly deal with German customers.

2014 – Environment certification ISO 14000 in process


  1. 23/01/2015
    2015: 50 year activity. Patrini Giacomo has celebrated this important goal by printing a new catalogue.
  2. 04/11/2014
    We are now certified according to ISO 14.001:2004 for environment
  3. 09/04/2014
    We have enlarged the TW family by including the new T64W: more compact but efficient like the other bigger parts.
  4. 30/01/2014
    TAB: because of the special rubber compound and thanks to the special design this family of parts guarantees effective isolation and vibration control at the same time.
  5. 01/10/2013
    We now have also MPG line available: ideal to absorb high dynamic shock loads. The specific design helps to limit movements in all axes and guarantees the requested safety.